Empower the safe and secure use of social media in your organization.

Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and other social media have become essential business tools. You probably don’t want to completely block employees from accessing the social web, because it can be good for business.

But use of social media can be bad for business, too. It can expose your organization and its employees to inappropriate content, malware infections and data loss. It can decrease productivity, and damage even the most solid reputation.

Websense® TRITON™ AP-WEB solutions offer unparalleled control and security for safe and productive access to social media. They enable you to:

  • Increase productivity.
  • Decrease legal liability.
  • Prevent malware infections from social media.
  • Protect against data loss.
  • Simplify compliance.
  • Protect your web reputation.
  • Keep your social media sites free of malware.

Employ granular control of social media access.

Websense TRITON™ AP-WEB solutions automatically extend acceptable use policies (AUP) to the entire web, including social media. You can apply AUP for more than 150 protocols and applications, and choose from 120 content categories — including 30 for Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter, Craigslist and other social media sites.

Our technology provides granular control over what parts of social media sites employees can access and use. For example:

  • You can allow employees to post on Facebook walls, but not chat or upload pictures.
  • You can let employees access LinkedIn while disallowing job searches.
  • You can limit the time employees spend on social media sites.

By providing fine control over social web access, Websense TRITON™ AP-WEB solutions can help improve productivity, reduce exposure to threats and limit your legal liability.

Get real-time, inline threat analysis and SSL inspection.

Social media traffic accounts for a large percentage of web traffic, and continues to grow. Most of this traffic uses secure sockets layer (SSL) to communicate. SSL traffic is also how many cybercriminals deliver their attacks. That’s because most traditional anti-virus products and firewalls — even next generation firewalls — are incapable of inspecting SSL traffic for potential threats.

Websense TRITON™ AP-WEB solutions are more advanced. Deployed as proxies, they sit inline between your employees and any attack, inspecting and identifying threats as they pass through SSL traffic coming from social media sites.

Cybercriminals also take advantage of zero-day vulnerabilities to use the social web to deliver advanced threats such as dynamic exploit kits. Signature-based defenses are defenseless against these advanced threats, because no signatures exist for them.

Once again, Websense TRITON™ AP-WEB solutions are more advanced. They use the real-time defenses of Websense ACE (Advanced Classification Engine), which uses more than 10,000 analytics to analyze all traffic and deliver a composite risk score for each threat — even if it has no signature.

Prevent data loss through social media.

Whether accidental or malicious, sharing of data is fast and effortless with social media. Employees can easily post or send documents or images that contain sensitive information. Websense DLP (data loss prevention) technology is built into TRITON solutions to make sure your confidential data stays safe and secure.

DLP technology gives you the most advanced DLP features available today, including:

  • 1,700 predefined data classifiers.
  • Optical character recognition (OCR) of sensitive data contained in images.
  • “Drip” DLP to detect “low and slow” data theft attempts.
  • Password list detection.
  • Detection of criminally encrypted uploads.
  • Natural language processing.
  • Data fingerprinting.

To learn more about Websense TRITON AP-WEB solutions:

  • Visit the Websense TRITON AP-WEB web pages.
  • View the Websense TRITON AP-WEB product video.
  • Download the Websense TRITON AP-WEB product brochure.