Websense helps you manage constantly changing complexity.

You have dozens of entities handing down hundreds of regulations that constantly change. And your compliance policies have to go beyond your network to secure mobile users, peripheral devices, and file-sharing software. Just one incident and you can face fines, lose customers and even end up in court.

Websense® TRITON™ AP-DATA lets you quickly establish controls with:

  • Built-in policies on a single framework.
  • Network and endpoint data loss prevention (DLP).
  • Enforcement of web, secure web and email traffic.
  • Confidential data discovery using both local and network scans.
  • Single management console.

TRITON™ AP-DATA features include:

Real-time compliance, all the time. Automated, policy-based enforcement options help you manage compliance in real time with functions such as block, quarantine, encrypt, audit/log and send user notifications.

Compliance enforcement and DLP. TRITON™ AP-DATA monitors not only common network channels of communication such as web and email, but also FTP, IM and other communications for sensitive data and to enforce compliance. Our technology helps simplify compliance by blocking or logging an incident, or automatically running a remediation action such as payload encryption or script quarantine.

Data tracking to help keep sensitive information safe. Before you can comply with regulations designed to protect your sensitive data, you have to know where it resides, how it's protected, who can access it and where it can be sent.

Fast, easy and complete management and reporting. The Websense TRITON™ Console gives you a single intuitive, web-based interface for compliance management and reporting. This unified approach provides:

  • Greater visibility and control.
  • Over 55 built-in reports.
  • Extensive customization capabilities.
  • Policy wizards, configuration templates and more.

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