Cost-effective, comprehensive compliance for schools.

The web is a valuable resource, and you need to enable students, faculty and staff to use it. But the web can be a dangerous place, too. Hence the Children's Internet Protection Act (CIPA), which requires you to protect students from online threats, block their access to inappropriate content and manage their Internet use on school networks.

Websense® web security products can help make the web a safer place for your students. They can:

  • Filter inappropriate content, malicious code and other threats.
  • Control access to protocols such as IM, P2P and streaming media.
  • Provide controlled social media access.
  • Prioritize network access according to users, time of day and other parameters.

Enable safe and proper web access.

Websense lets your students enjoy the best of the web, while helping you comply with CIPA. Our web security products provide the best web access control possible, with over 120 web categories and a database fed by the Websense ThreatSeeker® Intelligence Cloud, the world's largest web threat detection network.

Provide controlled access to social media.

In 2012, CIPA was amended. Schools must now implement and enforce social media acceptable use policies, and teach students how to safely use social media. Our web security gateway products can help. They offer granular social media controls with over 30 categories (11 for Facebook alone).

Allow YouTube Education access and block inappropriate videos.

Our web security products integrate completely with YouTube for Schools. They use age-group specific playlists as defined by YouTube Education, plus controls for viral, entertainment and other inappropriate streaming content.

Save time and money.

Websense can help you save time. Our products let you delegate admin roles, prioritize network access for different groups, and use easy-to-use policy templates and best practices for web security, filtering and application controls.

Our products can help you save money on deployment and operations, too. The Websense TRITON® architecture that unifies our web, data, email, and mobile security products enables a single administrative interface and unified policy management.

Find the product that meets your needs.

All Websense web security and web filtering products enable full CIPA compliance. You also can add features to meet best practices, such as security for mobile devices and protection against advanced threat and data theft.