Combine deployment options and manage on a single console.

Get the unique advantages of both in-the-cloud and on-premises information security — and manage the entire system from a single console. Solve several key web security challenges by:

  • Providing high-capacity appliances or software to meet the demands of large offices.
  • Using the cloud to secure smaller satellite offices that lack the technical resources to support hardware.
  • Securing mobile users in the cloud so there's no need to route traffic back to a central location.

Offering advantageous email security:

  • Bulk inbound email is filtered in the cloud, reducing your need for on-premises hardware to carry the load
  • Websense V-Series™ appliances provide control for customized policies, granular reporting and outbound data loss prevention (DLP)


  • Web security that's high-performance yet simple and flexible. V-Series appliances protect large offices, while cloud-based security is easily extended to remote offices and mobile users. Manage both platforms from a single console using one policy and reporting system.
  • Maximized bandwidth and reliability. Spam filtering happens in the cloud, so you can free up local server bandwidth and reduce the risk of your servers going down during spikes in email traffic.
  • Unified management and reporting. The Websense® TRITON™ Unified Security Center consolidates management of cloud-based and on-premises security, cutting the costs associated with other hybrid deployments that have separate management systems.
  • Websense Hybrid High Availability for web. In the event a web security appliance goes offline, Hybrid High Availability automatically reroutes your web traffic to the nearest Websense data center – with no interruption in web security.

Supported Websense products: