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"We need a solution that keeps us protected from the latest web threats, has DLP built in, and maximizes staff productivity. Web Security Gateway Anywhere does all of that – on-premise and in the Cloud. It is obvious why Websense leads the market."

- Ben Schoenecker
IT Security Specialist - AllSouth Federal Credit Union

TRITON® APX stops advanced, targeted attacks, identifies high risk users and controls Insider Threats

Financial institutions face data security regulations and scrutiny from all corners. Every day, your institution’s reputation — and yours — is on the line. All it takes is one failed audit, disclosure or media report of data loss or theft to cause irreparable harm to your customers and your business. Additionally, the pressures of remaining competitive and adopting new technology means you need an adaptive security solution that keeps data secure while your institution innovates.

Websense® DTP solutions provide proactive security against external attacks and Insider Threats, while empowering organizations to innovate and grow. They deliver visibility and actionable guidance for IT and end users to improve security effectiveness for data accessed by anyone, anywhere at any time.

DTP enables your financial Institution to meet stringent regulatory and compliance requirements without impacting performance and productivity. Unified security across email, web and endpoints provides the visibility and controls you need to manage risks, demonstrate compliance and maximize your IT security effectiveness against Advanced Threats.

Your employees are your greatest asset - but they can also be your greatest risk for data theft. DTP encourages them to be a positive part of your data security posture, providing guidance on potential malicious websites and helping them adhere to your internal policies and processes for optimal productivity and security. This means that both IT and your line of business employees become more effective at guarding against phishing and other primary and secondary malware attacks. DTP also addresses the insider threat of lost or stolen data and ensures adherence to your institution’s best practices, preventing costly accidents that could put it in the headlines.

DTP makes your security operations team more effective and efficient by minimizing false positives and providing actionable threat intelligence against both signature-less and evolving threats. Leverage your skilled personnel with DTP to defend against ransomware attacks and banking Trojans, as well as other targeted and advanced persistent threats. With TRITON APX solutions, cyber-attacks are stopped at all stages of the Kill Chain.

Banks and credit unions are offering more consumer products and services than ever before. Partnering with cloud-based FinTech companies for new payment networks and personal financial management tools add to your institution’s risk profile. New product development projects that rely on mobile workforce and adoption of cloud infrastructure require protection of customer data privacy wherever it may reside.

DTP enables you to partner with, or acquire, cloud applications with confidence. It protects your customers’ Personal Identifiable Information (PII) and your employees’ personal data on email and social networks while stopping data theft by external actors and data loss through user error or malicious intent. Regardless of where your banking data resides, it is protected with TRITON APX solution for Data Theft Prevention.

See how TRITON APX helps Financial Institutions maintain trust:

  • TRITON AP-EMAIL stops advanced, targeted attacks and controls Insider Threats
  • TRITON AP-DATA prevents data theft, demonstrates compliance and safeguards your reputation
  • TRITON AP-WEB delivers comprehensive protection against Advanced Threats and data theft across the entire Kill Chain
  • TRITON RiskVision™ expands your current security solution with actionable threat intelligence into data theft attempts
  • TRITON AP-ENDPOINT protects data stored on computer devices, whether Mac or Windows PC, from accidental misuse, theft and loss