Data security you can bank on to manage compliance.

Your institution faces data security regulations and scrutiny from all corners. Every day its reputation — and yours — is on the line. All it takes is one disclosure or media report of data loss or theft to cause irreparable harm. Websense® TRITON™ AP-DATA simplifies your compliance efforts and helps protect your customers' sensitive data.

Identify, locate, and protect confidential data. TRITON™ AP-DATA starts by identifying your sensitive data by using content classifiers, scanning deep into your networks to find and help protect confidential data.

Create policies with easy-to-use templates. TRITON™ AP-DATA helps you manage your compliance with regulations such as the Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council and the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act. Built-in templates remove the guesswork from policy creation and let you readily customize policies to fit your institution.*

Respond quickly to data security emergencies. There's no downtime when data is lost or stolen or you're hit with an audit. TRITON™ AP-DATA empowers you to respond quickly to these and other security incidents. Tools such as customizable reporting templates provide a clear view into your systems so you can act now, not later.

*Please consult your attorney regarding your specific needs.

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