Websense has scale-to-fit security for complex needs.

Doing business in multiple countries and cultures with diverse laws and regulations creates huge compliance complexities. And global mobile workforces require security that's flexible and easy to update.

Our security offerings support your efforts by helping you:

  • Secure your business against advanced threats and targeted attacks.
  • Enable secure use of the social web.
  • Provide data loss prevention (DLP) with inbound and outbound protection.
  • Get the most comprehensive security at the lowest overall cost.

Consolidate platforms to save time and cut costs. Websense TRITON™ APX solutions give you web, email, data and endpoint security in one product operated from one console. This increase in efficiency can cut your operating costs, and increases savings even more by:

  • Extending security policies to branches and mobile workers.
  • Filtering spam in the cloud to keep it off your servers to boost bandwidth and employee productivity.
  • Giving you centralized management for web, email and data security products.

Ensure redundancy with ease. If your systems go down, your productivity and profit go with them. Websense Hybrid High Availability gives you automatic redundancy in the cloud. So if your on-premises appliance goes down, traffic automatically routes to the cloud — no disruption, no worries.

Enjoy outstanding service and reliability. Websense offers award-winning service backed by:

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