Hybrid deployment with enterprise-class data loss prevention (DLP) technology.

Websense® Email Security Gateway Anywhere uses a hybrid deployment model ( an appliance or virtual appliance, and in the cloud) and includes the same technology as our leading, enterprise-class data loss prevention (DLP) product.

Top Features

  • Websense TruHybrid™ deployment conserves your network bandwidth by removing spam and threats from inbound email in the cloud. TruHybrid™ deployment is ISO 27001 certified and provides 99.999% service availability and 99% or higher spam detection.
  • Websense TruEmail DLP™ capability offers enterprise-level protection against data theft and data loss for email. It includes natural language processing, data fingerprinting, mobile email DLP, incident forensics reporting, and more than 1,700 built-in templates for compliance to prevent confidential data from leaving the corporate network via email. Advanced features such as protection from slow data theft (Drip DLP); geolocation destination awareness (limiting where data can be sent); detection of custom-encrypted uploads and password file data theft; and optical character recognition (OCR of text contained within images) machine learning are also available.
  • Gateway threat analysis uses security intelligence from the Websense ThreatSeeker® Intelligence Cloud and Websense ACE (Advanced Classification Engine) to defend against advanced malware, blended threats, phishing and spam.
  • URL sandboxing, available as part of TRITON ThreatScope™, provides point-of-click threat analysis by isolating suspicious links embedded in emails and analyzing their destination when users click on them from any device, including smart phones and tablets.
  • File Sandboxing, available as part of TRITON ThreatScope, protects you from advanced malware delivered as an email attachment. Suspicious files are analyzed in a virtual environment, looking far deeper than simple file execution, to provide the highest level of protection from advanced malware. Detailed forensic reporting is provided when malicious files are detected.

Additional Features

Feature Description
TRITON Unified Security Center Reduces TCO by unifying management of web security, data security and email security components.
Malware protection Websense ACE (Advanced Classification Engine) scans inbound and outbound email for malware, spyware and targeted and blended threats. Combining real-time composite risk scoring with security intelligence from the Websense ThreatSeeker® Intelligence Cloud, ACE protects against both known and unknown threats within email.
Spam Detection Websense provides highly accurate spam blocking with very low false positives that is backed by a 99% or higher spam detection service level agreement. Spam is identified using a combination of technologies including sender reputation, adaptive learning, URL analysis, heuristics, suspicious PDF identification and optical recognition of image spam.
Enterprise Class DLP Expands DLP across all enterprise channels with a simple license key upgrade, letting you use a single management console to create and apply one policy to email, web and endpoints.
Mobile Email DLP Prevents users from accessing confidential emails and attachments on mobile devices.
Email Spooling for Disaster Recovery Built-in redundancy and email spooling ensures that email is never lost during a network or mail server outage.
Quarantine Management Includes a powerful search engine for complete visibility and access of quarantined messages and logs.
End-User Self Service Reduces administrative overhead by giving scheduled and on-demand access to users, enabling them to view and release quarantined messages and whitelist/blacklist senders.
Reporting Includes multiple report types to provide summary and detailed visibility into types and volumes of threats, number of messages processed, policy violations and more.
TLS Encryption Encrypts email between the sender's mail server and the receiver's mail server to prevent the email from being intercepted or altered while traversing the Internet. Mandatory TLS to specific domains, as well as opportunistic TLS, is supported.
Advanced Email Encryption* Encrypts the entire email and any attachments so that the contents are viewed only by intended recipient(s).
Email Archive*1 Every email that any person in your business sends and receives is securely archived, searchable and accessible forever in the cloud.
Image Analysis* Reliably detects pornographic images to ensure compliance with network use policy.

* Optional add-on
1 Partnered with Sonian