The most effective web security for any location.

Websense® Cloud Web Security Gateway analyzes web content and detects threats with inline, real-time composite defenses. Global data centers are ISO 27001 certified and provide high availability, easy provisioning and lower costs for users in any location. An optional cloud-assist appliance can be deployed to improve local control over traffic flow to the cloud, ideal for deployment in countries with national firewalls.

Top Features

  • Social media controls manage use of Facebook, LinkedIn and other social media websites through highly granular rules. For example, you can allow Facebook access but prohibit posting content or playing games; or allow access to LinkedIn, but prevent job searches.
  • Gateway threat analysis uses real-time, inline security analysis from Websense ACE (Advanced Classification Engine) and threat intelligence from the Websense ThreatSeeker® Intelligence Cloud to defend against advanced malware, blended threats and spam.
  • Containment defenses analyze all inbound and outbound communications to block malware, data theft and command and control botnet communications.
  • Worldwide data centers are ISO 27001 certified and provide high availability, easy provisioning and lower costs for users in any location.
  • Connect all locations and users with no hardware provisioning.
  • Simplify user authentication/identification Websense Cloud Web Security Gateway simplifies user authentication and identification with multiple mechanisms including Endpoint client, identity provider integrations, NTLM identification and Secure Forms with customisable timeouts.
  • The optional Websense i500™/i500v™ Cloud Assist Appliance improves speed and control of traffic to the cloud. It also adds protocol filtering and the ability to monitor guest Wi-Fi networks to a Cloud Web Security Gateway deployment.

Additional Features

Feature Description
TRITON Unified Security Center Simplifies provisioning and enables role-based reporting and real-time monitoring. Includes more than 60 pre-defined reports, many easily customizable reports and administrative alerts.
Web Security and Filtering Over 100 categories including security, productivity and bandwidth with real-time security updates from the Websense ThreatSeeker® Intelligence Cloud.
Video Controls Protect network resources, provide custom allow/deny filters, enable YouTube educational videos, and provide control over viral, entertainment and surveillance videos.
Easy Addition of Email Security Websense Cloud Web Security Gateway and Websense Cloud Email Security are integrated at every level. A single user interface configures both, and both leverage shared management services including user directory synchronization, delegated administration, reporting, account management, and more.
HTTPS Traffic Inspection Detect threats and data theft, block proxy avoidance tools, and validate destination web services to avoid web scams.