High-performing, preconfigured and reliable.

Optimized for performance and reliability. Websense appliances are preconfigured to meet specified performance requirements. They also include unique clustering technology that can simplify deployment of redundant, load-balanced clusters.


  • Single point of contact for support. Engage one point of contact for your hardware, software and operating system support needs.
  • Security hardened out of the box. Appliances come preconfigured to eliminate vulnerabilities from unnecessary software, open ports, default logins and more, easing your deployment and enhancing your security.

Websense® V-Series™ appliances are powerful and flexible yet simple to deploy. V-Series appliances support web security, email security and data security on a single appliance. Learn more >

The Websense® X-Series™ appliance is the only secure web gateway with enough power for large enterprises to run the real-time contextual defenses needed for effective containment of advanced attacks and data theft. Learn more >

The Websense® I-Series™ appliances complement TRITON AP-WEB Cloud deployment by adding flexibility and control over web traffic flow for analysis, improving traffic speed in bottleneck locations, and adding application and protocol control. Learn more >